Unique Shell Lamp Large | Bahamian Queen Conch Shell Lamp | Large Conch Shell Lamp | Conch Shell Lamp Collectible | 9 Inch With hand carving

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    Unique SHELL LAMP Large Vintage Conch Shell Lamp Light COllectible Beach Coastal Ocean Home Decor Beach Lighting Shell Light. Hand Carving Size: Height:- 9 Inch Width :- 5 inch CONCH SHELL : The conch shell, this has been used as the original from the past ancient times, in ancient history of Nepal and India these horns are used to commence is any rituals or worn. Popularly known as Shanka, is a musical instrument blow by the lord Krishna to declare the start of the war of Mahabharata. in all the epic stories of Hinduism shankha has been described being carried by all the heroes of the past. A seashell or sea shell, also known simply as a shell, is a naturally occurring, hard, protective outer layer created by an animal that lives in the sea. If you've ever walked on a beach, you've seen seashells, and maybe even collected some to take home. Most shells that are found on beaches are usually made of calcium carbonate. Most seashells come from molluscs, a large group of marine animals including clams, mussels, and oysters, which exude shells as a protective covering. These shells, because of their bright colours, rich variety of shapes and designs, and abundance along seashores, have long been used for ornaments, tools, and coins. Seashells are commonly found in beach drift, which are natural deposits found along strandlines on beaches by the waves and the tides. Seashells have been used as a medium of exchange and currency in various places, including many Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean islands, also in North America, Africa and the Caribbean. Seashells have often been used as tools, because of their strength and the variety of their shapes. Seashells have been used as musical instruments, wind instruments for many hundreds if not thousands of years. Whole seashells or parts of sea shells have been used as jewellery or in other forms of adornment since prehistoric times. Shells historically have been and still are made into, or incorporated into, necklaces, pendants, buttons, beads, earrings, brooches, rings, belt buckles and other uses. Small pieces of coloured and iridescent shell have been used to create mosaics and inlays, which have been used to decorate walls, furniture and boxes. Large numbers of whole seashells, arranged to form patterns, have been used to decorate mirror frames and furniture. If you’re in need of a simple way to cozy up a favourite corner of your home, then consider a table lamp, which can do wonders for providing your space with a warm glow. It doesn’t hurt that a lamp can also pull double duty as a decorative element. This table lamp can be placed just about anywhere in the room on top of a table. You can place the table lamp on the dining table, reading table, side table, computer table, and even on the mantelpiece. These shell lamps provide just the right amount of light and add a bit of a detail to the interiors of your home and office. Modern table lamps do not just illuminate the room; they also add to the appeal and charm of the place. They are an important lighting fixture in just about any room in both modern residential or commercial settings. The right table lamp can make your interior stand out, and give it a modern look. These are natural shells with raw finish. The shells turn into luminescent substances when light is passed through them. Two types of shells are used, one is used as a base and the other one is used as a lamp shade.

    Handcrafted wind chime: handmade wire wrapped big round tree of life top bracket, hanging with natural agate slices, chip stone and agate are irregular in shape. Each strand will have small variations due to its hand-crafted nature.

    Natural chakra tree of life wind chime: natural crystals bring comfortable sounds from nature. 7 Chakra Chip beads are rock quartz, lapis lazuli, green aventurine, citrine, carnelian, red jasper. Agate slices are natural but have been artificially color enhanced. All pieces are top-drilled polished on both sides, colors and shapes will be sent randomly from what we have.

    Suncatcher mobile decorative decoration: it is a perfect piece of healing inspiring decor for window, bed, garden, patio, garden, terrace and balcony Christmas tree, porticus, restaurant, coffee house and more. When the sun shines through the agate slices are showing all their beauty.

    Healing reiki decoration figurine: The 7 chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows through, keep the energy moving with this delightful indoor or outdoor decor.
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